For most households, the kitchen is a hive of activity. When serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, this is a space that garners a lot of traction over the course of the week and keeping this region of the home tidy is not always a simple task.


Should you come across the biggest brands on the web, radio, television and more, they will preach to the market the latest in kitchen cleaning advancements. “Here is the fresh item on the shelves that will solve all of your kitchen cleaning requirements in one spray!”


We know that item doesn’t actually exist. What does is a handful of supplies that ensures an efficient and successful clean that eliminates bacteria and is friendly to a food-filled environment.

Coconut Oil Spray


If you are looking for something that does not leave a bad odour around the house but gets the job done effectively, then coconut oil spray is a fantastic solution. The natural ingredients ensures that furniture items such as tables and chairs can received a polished look and there is a flexibility to its application whereby kitchen items can be sprayed openly and freely without a concern over staining.

Mop and Bucket


It is a good old fashioned tool that is tried and tested throughout the generations and the reality is that the mop and bucket is just as worthwhile today as it ever was. The floor often cops the brunt of the kitchen activity where scraps are discarded and footprints are left. With the help of hot water and detergent to cleanse the area properly, a quality mop and bucket combination gets the job done fast.

Multipurpose Cleaner


Everyone has their own brand favourite when it comes to the multipurpose cleaner. Unless it is from an unknown source, then the majority of these products will be a go-to item when the bench top and sink requires some elbow grease. With the aid of a non-cellulose sponge that doesn’t carry bacteria and is low maintenance, a multipurpose cleaner is designed to cater to a variety of surfaces that other specific models are not equipped to deal with.



Gumption is an item that is most commonly associated with the bathroom and while that is necessary, it is also incredibly useful for the kitchen. Areas of the home that are tiled and regions around the sink will sometimes require supplies that are move heavy duty than the spray and wipe options, seeing gumption utilised in key areas that tackle grime in those hard to reach locations.

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