The process of contacting a cleaning agency in Sydney shouldn’t be a quick task. Before using their services you need to do your research and know what you want from them. Ask yourself if you’re looking for a one off clean from a big weekend or are you looking for a weekly thing to hep around the house.

Have this information ready along with these questions to ask your potential house decluttering service.


Ask about the company mission

The company mission is the overarching goal of the company that it wants to achieve. Without it a company is just a group of people doing menial tasks. Understand what they are really about and why they are better than the other cleaning agencies in Sydney.

If the cleaning agency in Sydney doesn’t have a mission that aims to unify the employees, you will have cleaners that are only there to get money and don’t care how they get it. Dodgy companies lead to dodgy employees who may swap cleaners on you without your permission or knowledge.

When selecting a cleaning agency in Sydney, make sure the company mission aligns with your values so you know that you can trust them.


Ask what the procedure is if you aren’t happy with the service

If you’re paying money to have a service done, you expect it to meet your expectations. If you aren’t happy with the conducted service you should be entitled to a refund or a follow up call free of charge to correct any issues.

The aim of asking this question is to see what quality guarantees the cleaning agency in Sydney has. Any good business will put their customers first so it’s important to ask before you opt to use the service.


Ask how they recruit their staff

Cleaning agencies in Sydney may differ with the recruiting procedures. It’s important to know where their staff is coming from and if they are qualified or not. You want to be sure you can trust the person entering your home so asking about their experience and background is totally fine.

Things you should be asking is if they have copies of their ID and if they have cleared a police check.


Ask how the cleaners are trained

A very important question to ask is how their staff is trained. A good cleaning agency in Sydney would opt to hire experienced cleaners and also provide follow up training. You want to be sure that someone that knows what they are doing is coming to your home to mend a problem not make more.

Cleaning agencies in Sydney that emphasise the training of their staff will have greater consistency than those that don’t. Ask what initial training they had and if they were tested or how. Other questions including their experience and specialities would also be applicable.


Ask if they have public liability insurance

This question will ultimately be a deciding factor when you are choosing a cleaning agency in Sydney. Public liability insurance is in place to cover any injuries to yourself or damage to your property. Think of it as a third party car insurance that pays for any damages that they cause.

If something goes wrong and they don’t have the insurance you could be stuck with the bill and have to fork out more money to get it repaired or cleaned again. When asking about their insurance, make sure that their certificate is up to date and the total coverage is greater than the total value of your home. In the off chance that your whole house is destroyed you don’t want to be compensated the price of a chocolate bar.