Having a cleaned and sanitised smartphone might not sound important on face value, but it does matter if you value your personal health.


There have been a litany of peer-reviewed studies conducted by scientific bodies over the past few years that illustrates how often we as a society overlook the potential harm and risk we put ourselves through via this consistent exposure.


Yet it stands to reason as to how much risk is genuinely involved and what steps users can take to ensure that they eliminate the potential to be needlessly infected with a virus or disease from this exposure.

Packed With Germs and Bacteria


One 2010 study released their results to showcase a stunning level of germs and bacteria that were resting on one single device. With 18 times more bacteria than was resting on the average toilet seat, there would be traces of dirt, dust and even fecal matter that outlines just how disgusting a smartphone can be if cleaning becomes an afterthought. Just consider your own iPhone, Samsung or Blackberry and think about where it travels and what it is exposed to on a daily basis.

Take Note of Small Details


The task now is to attempt to actually clean the device properly. Aside from the obvious steps, it is incredibly useful to engage the likes of toothpicks and Q-tips that manage to fit inside the smallest of crevices inside the mobile. This is where you can extract that hard to reach grime and really delve into the nitty-gritty, providing the most efficient clean possible.

Be Efficient With Wipes


The best means of eliminating this awful and harmful bacteria is with the aid of alcoholic anti-bacterial wipes. They do not need to be administered on a daily basis, but once every other week with the help of a pre-cleansed paper towel can keep the surface area devoid of dirt, dust and an environment that festers for grime.

Don’t Ignore Headphones


If touching your phone is now something that you think a little bit more carefully about, what about the device that you place inside your ears? Whether you go to the gym, take the train or work in an isolated space for hours on end, the time spent on your headphones can really add up and the same principles apply to this area. A soft cloth wipe down that doesn’t damage the goods can ensure that you are not infected through this avenue either.