Should you be heading down the DIY path when it comes to cleaning your car, then you should be wanting to do it properly and efficiently. The easy step would be to drive into a car wash that gives the vehicle a shiny new exterior and delivers a nice aesthetic in the interim.


Yet that is not always a scenario that offers bang for the buck and will overlook the need to clean the interior as well. That is of course the most important cleaning that has to be undertaken for a car, so why not follow through on some tried and tested procedures?


Here are some of the best tips you can use to clean your car efficiently.

Take Out The Trash

It might sound like an obvious first step, but so many drivers are left content to see bottles, bags, pens and paper left strewn across their vehicle without even a secondary thought. Especially when it comes to those hard to find places where coins and debris can fall between the cracks of the drivers seat and behind with the passengers. It is worthwhile running a spot check over each and every section before you embark on a comprehensive clean.

Brush The Air Vents

The air conditioning compartment is an important facet of any car and ensuring that the air quality is of an acceptable level is paramount to the health of those inside the vehicle. Utilise a foam or paintbrush to clean the inside of the vents and source a vacuum to suck in all of the dust that remains inside the vents.

Give The Windows and Mirrors a Comprehensive Wash

Whether it is taking off unwanted registration stickers or removing residue and smudges off the windows, a driver needs to ensure this area is as transparent as possible for the benefit of their sight and vision on the road. Grime often has a habit of building up at the top of the windows when seals become loose and it is advised that you lower the windows to clean this section as well as applying a window spray to the outside and inside.

Polish The Leather

If your car has leather interior, then it will require a bit more tender loving care than the average car. Applying a degree of olive oil onto the leather can be a great means of preserving the condition of the fabric. Refining this can take time and following a comprehensive vacuum and cleanup that takes away the unnecessary trash, a polish can really make an old car appear brand new again on the inside.