It is hard as a general homeowner to escape the gaze of products who market themselves as a one-stop-shop for all your cleaning solutions. The spray and wipe bottles can certainly perform a task, but the residue and heavy detergents that are on the shelves aren’t always an ideal applicant when you examine what alternatives are out there.


Many of them can be found hidden back in the kitchen cupboard as others utilise the benefits of eco-friendly cleaning. Above all else you want to ensure that the job is done above all else, but if that can be achieved whilst taking advantage of numerous benefits, why not engage it?


Here is the argument in favour of eco-friendly cleaning and why you should strongly consider it for your home.

More Cost Effective


There is no doubt that those cleaners who embrace the green option are making more with less. Often the produce and resources that are left around the house can become tools to get the job done properly. It does not always take an expensive shop to the local supermarket to buy the latest brand that will offer the most comprehensive cleaning solution. Think of soda water, lemon and vinegar as go-to items in your cleaning tool kit that don’t have to remain one-dimensional.

Healthier Option


Using chemicals to clean on benches, bowls, chairs, beds, carpets and anywhere that people can expose their skin or senses can pose a risk. More times than not the average cleaning products will limit these chemicals but by tapping into lemons and vinegars that don’t contain those inherent toxic chemicals, you run into far less trouble from a health standpoint. Should anyone in the household be at risk of suffering from ailments such as asthma, then limiting their exposure to the likes of nitrogen and ammonia can only be a benefit.

No More Toxic Odour


Improving the air quality is one facet entirely of its own standing when we talk about the benefits of eco-friendly cleaning. Strong chemical cleaning products really do take away from a natural and pleasant aroma that a household can create and just because there is a need to condition and maintain a healthy environment, that should not come at a compromise to the smell. Eco-friendly oils are by their nature more pleasant when paired against the retail options who are only concerned with eliminating bacteria and not what is left behind by the end result.