Is dry cleaning really worth it? What is involved in this practice that regular washing cannot achieve? These are all perfectly suitable and legitimate questions that people have wrestled with for years.


The reality is that the results speak for themselves. Should you find yourself consistently battling stains, wrinkles and issues that are hampering the condition of your clothes, then you must examine the advantages of sourcing a local dry cleaner.

Eliminates Those Tough Stains


Stubborn stains are the curse of any clothing item that happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. From toothpaste that spills off the brush to spaghetti sauce that drops on your tie to that spec of red wine that just refuses to come off your favourite pair of jeans – a dry cleaner can solve this issue. Utilising soaps and solvents with the aid of degreasers, a professional service can tackle the source of the stain at its core, ensuring that you don’t have to run the same item through multiple washes at home.

Giving That Professional Touch


Professional dry cleaners cover all the bases. From intimate knowledge of fashions and fabrics to utilising the latest in dry cleaning technologies, they have a track record and history to understand what techniques and products need to be used for certain circumstances. No one is stopping you from cleaning clothes at home with home washing products, but an expert will be far more efficient with an eye for detail. How much of an investment is that worth?

Fresh Smell


Before your collared shirt and sleek pants have been put through the wash, chances are the sweat and body odour has made the goods quite toxic to smell up close. By sending these items to the dry cleaner, they can be put through something that is known as the ozone treatment. Sometimes reserved for items that have been induced by smoke or left in dirty water, this process eliminates the odours deep inside the textiles to leave the cloths smelling fresh and brand new.

Super Convenient


When you have that job meeting to attend or that midweek soccer session to coach, it can be a major hassle to work through a pile of washing at home. So why not engage a professional dry cleaning service by dropping off the goods at a time to suit and pick them up again during business hours? That time spent at home is only using up more of your quarterly water bill as well as going through numerous supermarket products which may or may not be getting the job done.